LGBT Military Families

Those who serve and those who love them

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Families of LGBT servicemembers
This community was established to provide gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered military couples, families and personnel a place to discuss issues, provide support, and generally be a welcoming community. We welcome all branches of the service, from the United States or elsewhere.

Please respect the other members of this community and their privacy. In order to help maintain and respect that privacy, membership to this community is moderated and the "friend of" list is hidden. If you or your partner are currently active military we strongly encourage you to make your posts friends only for your own protection.

Don't forget to check out the Servicemembers Legal Defense Network, your best resource for being GLBT in the U.S. military, and especially check out their "Survival Guide" so you know all your legal rights and what you should or shouldn't do. Their motto is a prudent one: Say nothing, sign nothing, get legal help.

This community is maintained by esprix. Thank you for participating!
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