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6 months over!

My man is on his way home. :D
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I don't know if anyone still checks this out, but I wanted to drop in a say that my lady and I are on our 2nd National Guard deployment... Although this time she's in Iraq. I'd love someone to talk to and my journal talks a lot about what she's going through...

I think it's really cool to be honest about what you are going through. I'd love to find someone who understood what it feels like that lived close by, but it's impossible because we hide ourselves and suffer on the inside to keep our soldiers safe.

I hope all of your relationships stay strong and all of the soldiers come home safe. My wife left yesterday so I'm on day 554 of 554 long days at home. Keep in touch.
Thanks for posting. What you're going through is exactly why I started this community, so please feel free to post as things go. My partner was in Iraq for 6 months, so I know what you're going through.
Thanks. He's been home over a month now and I'm moving in about 3 weeks to finally be with him full time.
Hee! Just about the 5 month anniversary, too. So glad!
That's pretty cool. ^^ I'm in the miltary myself. I wonder how this is going to go for me, if I'm ever deployed while I'm in the guard. I'm planning to switch over to active duty in four years.
It was rough, but I strongly urge you to check out the Servicemembers' Legal Defense Fund, even before you need them in case of trouble. They're a wonderful resource.
Er, Network, not Fund.