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I hate being with out her but...

MY name is Christina
My girlfriend "WIFE" her name is Celeste
She is a USMC she is a CPL.
And I can't be more proud. Yet there are days where I just want to go to her base and hang out like all the hetero couples do. Because they have concerts on base and shit like that and She won't take me because I get to sad that we can't do simple things like hold hands so know one knows about me in there not her "friends" that she hangs out with when she is not with me and it makes me sad I have not gotten use to it but I am not letting it get to me. That’s it the only thing that is hard right now. In January I don't know how I am going to do it but she is going to Japan for the rest of the remainder of her service. I am just so scared and sadden because I am afraid she might forget about me. And the only reason why we are still together is because we love each other. We have been together now for 4 years she has been in the Marines for two and all we have to live like this is two more years. If we break up now we both would be throwing away or love, or tears, and our future. She is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I am not going to give her up even though she is a Devil Dog.
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