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Welcome to lgbtmilfamilies!

Although I found several LiveJournal communities that offer support for military spouses and families, and most are open and welcoming to the LGBT communities, I decided to start this one as well to serve as a space specifically for us. Hopefully others will find it and use it for support, as a place to discuss issues, and generally as a space to be welcome to be yourselves in (since we all know how difficult it can be to be an LGBT servicemember). So come in, share your stories, ask questions and hang out. :)

For me, I'm a civilian with a partner in the Navy. I'm kind of new to the whole military spouse thing, but I want to be there for my partner and get through his enlistment as best we can in sometimes difficult circumstances.

Membership in this community is moderated to help protect people's privacy. If you or your partner are active duty I encourage you to make your posts friends only so only we'll see it.

So, again, welcome, and happy posting! If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me directly or just post a comment here. Thanks!
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